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Pediatric Malpractice

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Pediatricians are highly trained professionals, but they can make a mistake like anyone else. In fact, “Since 1989 the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Survey of Fellows has consistently found that nearly one-third of all pediatricians will be sued during their careers,” according to a group of researchers who studied the diagnoses that prompted lawsuits between 1985 and 2006.

If you believe your child’s pediatrician made a mistake that led to a severe and debilitating injury, contact our office for a free consultation with an experienced pediatric malpractice attorney in Cleveland. You may also download or request our free, easy-to-read guide to filing a pediatric malpractice claim in Ohio. We have almost 40 years of experience and are prepared to aggressively advocate for you and your child.

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Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions in Pediatrics

According to the same study mentioned previously, there are certain conditions that many pediatricians misdiagnose. Unfortunately, this can have serious implications for the child and his or her family. All too often, a pediatrician’s negligence can lead to life-altering injuries or fatalities. According to the study, 12 percent of malpractice claims cited altered medical records (such as in the case our founding attorney, Chris Mellino, litigated against Mt. Sinai Medical Center) or failure to note pertinent information on those records.

Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions in pediatrics include:

  • Meningitis
  • Appendicitis
  • Nonteratogenic anomalies/congenital anomalies of the genitals
  • Pneumonia
  • Brain damage and head injuries
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Medication mistakes related to ordering, administering, transcribing, and dispensing, particularly with regard to allergy and respiratory medications as well as anti-convulsants

Regardless of what went wrong, children have to endure the effects of the pediatrician’s negligence and parents have to watch helplessly. If you suspect that your child’s doctor made a mistake, our firm can help. Our Cleveland pediatric malpractice lawyers offer compassionate, personalized legal services and aggressive representation for victims and their families.

Types of Pediatric Malpractice Cases We Handle

With decades of legal experience, we are capable of handling all types of complex child injury and pediatric malpractice claims. We only accept select cases in order to better provide each of our clients with the focused, one-on-one attention they deserve.

At The Mellino Law Firm, we handle pediatric malpractice cases involving:

  • Brain Injuries – Failure to monitor a patient during surgery can result in a lack of oxygen to the brain or a drop in blood pressure. Medication errors and anesthesia complications may also cause permanent brain damage.
  • Meningitis – Misdiagnosing meningitis gives the disease time to spread. In the most serious cases, meningitis can lead to deafness, brain injuries, or death.
  • Strep Infections – Without proper treatment, strep infections, which are most common between the ages of 5 and 15 can cause complications such as scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, or kidney inflammation, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Bacterial Infections – As MedlinePlus states, “Any type of bacteria can cause septic shock,” which can damage the brain, heart, intestines, kidneys, and liver.
  • Pneumococcal Disease – According to the CDC, pneumococcal infections can cause meningitis, resulting in the death of 1 in 10 children under age 5; bacteremia, resulting in the death of 4 in 100 children; pneumonia; or sinus and ear infections.

Failure to diagnose or the wrong diagnosis of an illness or infection can prolong the condition and cause further problems. Since children often can’t tell a doctor what hurts, it’s important that healthcare providers be especially attentive to possible symptoms. If you have questions about pediatric malpractice, we invite you to contact our Cleveland office today.

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